Projects awarded in 2016

1 – Basatin got awarded a 3-year contract by Al Dar PSJC for the landscape maintenance of Al Raha Gardens community with a starting date of 1/1/2017.

2 – Emrill awarded the landscape maintenance of the prestigious IPIC Tower to Bsatin in November 2016.

3 – On 1/9/2016, TDIC signed a contract with Basatin to maintain its entire portfolio in Abu Dhabi. The portfolio consists of – Saadiayt Beach Villas & Residences, Eastern Mangrove, Cranleigh School & Accommodation and the TDIC Headquarters.

4 – British Embassy in Dubai and Abu Dhabi awarded the contract to Basatin for both Embassies on 1/9/2016.

5 – On 21/6/2016, SERCO has awarded Basatin the prestigious site of New York University Abu Dhabi.

6 – On March 2016, Basatin created its Residential Unit, managed by its Operation Manager, Roman Hawczak, in order to tackle the growing demand of the residential market.