About Basatin

Whether it is a seasonal rotation of color, a retrofitting of an irrigation system, or a comprehensive landscape redesign, our environment friendly and cost-effective solutions will guarantee that your landscape reaches its full potential.

With our personalized service, we cover the entire value chain in the landscaping business. Whether it is our in-house landscape designers or our team on site, we have the ability and the resources to design and execute any enhancement you desire.


Building Dreams Since 2013

Established in January 2013, Basatin is a landscape service provider based in Abu Dhabi with operations in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Its management team has a combined professional landscaping experience of more than 17 years in the UAE.

Basatin’s value proposition is in partnering with its clients, to offer comprehensive solutions while enhancing the environment. As a service provider, Basatin offers sustainable solutions that are tailored to each client’s specific needs and requirements. Basatin ensures these solutions are inspired by the Abu Dhabi Vision 2030 and are compliant with its own strict Corporate Social Responsibility Code.

Founded on 3 commitments

Guided by Abu Dhabi’s Vision 2030, we are committed to providing sustainable solutions that enhance the environment and protect it from any potential adverse effects related to our work. We take a proactive approach to all our projects, with specific emphasis on improving the management and conservation of water, a precious resource in this region.

We consider our site technicians and staff as our most valuable assets. Therefore, we coach and mentor each member of Basatin’s family to ensure that they truly represent Basatin’s values. We have a highly effective training and mentoring program for our staff that allows us to identify areas where they can improve, and provides us with the opportunity to reward the achievements of each team member.

We understand that our daily activities are intertwined with the livelihood of the residents of the communities that we serve. Our site technicians and staff understand, respect, and comply with all local traditions so that our work will have the fewest possible impacts on the daily life of the residents.

We at Basatin, are meticulous in researching and selecting alternative horticultural methods, non-toxic pesticides, and organic fertilizers when required to respect the integrity of the communities that we serve.

Environment Friendly
Best Practices

Responsible Water Management & Smart Irrigation

Basatin believes that water is a vital resource and should be used appropriately. Responsible water use starts with sustainable design and ends with smart irrigation systems, which are also properly maintained so as to reduce water leakage and implement responsible irrigation.

Sustainable Behavior & Corporate Social Responsibility

Basatin’s Corporate Social Responsibility approach starts from the recruitment stage and includes the activities of its teams on site. Each team member is mandated to embrace sustainable behavior and participates regularly in workshops and training sessions enhancing sustainable behavior awareness.

Minimizing Noise Pollution & Ensuring Safety

Furthermore, and in line with its sustainability policy, Basatin ensures use of electrical equipment with lower noise levels in sensitive areas whenever possible so as to reduce inconvenience and nuisance to the surrounding communities.

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